SZIDF 深圳國際工業設計大展

    Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair

    The 8th Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair(SZIDF)

    Hosted by: People's Government of Shenzhen Municipality

    Organized by: Shenzhen Industrial Design Industry Association(SIDA)

    Co-organized by: China Industrial Design Association

    Industrial Design Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society

    Date: Nov. 3 to Nov. 5, 2020

    Venue: Hall 2, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (SZCEC)

    With the theme of "SURVIVAL BY DESIGN: from Darwinism to…", The 8th Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair(SZIDF) actively integrates into the general pattern of industrial design development in the world, with reference to international exhibition, it has significantly improved in terms of exhibitor standard, business matching service, branding & promotion, design activities, internationalization and so on. 

    The exhibition area is 15,000 square meters, with 7 exhibition areas including a Holistic Design Service area, a Future-Tech Value Chain Partner area, a Design Start-up & Incubation area, an international design exhibition area, a Shenzhen local design exhibition area, a Design Support and Marketing area and a Design education area. Exhibiting over 7,000 pieces of design boutiques from more than 30 countries(regions) such as England, Germany, the United States, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, South Korea, Japan, Canada and Finland.

    At The same time, The Great One award selection activities, a global design value summit, a design night and The Great One award ceremony, 20 international new product launches, and other activities will be held. The exhibition has built an international, professional, diversified and high-end exchange and cooperation platform. There will be many domestic and foreign design masters' speech as well as topic discussion.

    I think it’s a very interesting fair with varied cultures from all the designers and all the design companies. The products are also very interesting. I think the quality is quite high-leveled. I think it’s increasing the quality of Chinese design. It’s a good place to see how is new about design here in the fair.

    | Luisa Bocchietto, President of World Design Organization(WDO)

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